The EA Concept

EA is a constantly evolving movement for
players, coaches, clubs and federations
all over the world.

Athletic Culture

We provide an athletic environment which supports the development of long- term physical health, a flexible mindset, and problem-solving abilities.

Basketball Culture

EA utilises a games-based, research-driven approach to basketball development. We foster an environment of creative learning where decision- making and technique are fully integrated.

Kaizen Culture

Our culture of continuous evolution is the essence of the EA value system and the sub-base from which we operate. We commit to endlessly refining our player and coach development processes.

Our Programs


EA camps take place at our home base in the city of Antwerp, Belgium. Players and coaches from all over the world attend the camps we run at various times throughout the year.


Clubs, organisations and national federations work with us to host camps, coaching clinics and small group work-outs. Bring EA to your country to deliver an unforgettable experience!

Train with us

Every Sunday throughout the season we host youth sessions in the EA Facility in Antwerp, Belgium. Want to book private practices with one of our coaches, that is possible too!


12th – 16th February

During the Krokus School Holiday we will organize two camps: a daily 3 hour Amazing Footwork Camp players and 1 hour Doctor Dish Shooting Workout with our new shooting gun! Camp registration is now open!

Join EA Online

Through, we are constantly growing our resources offer to provide coaches and players practical behind-the-scenes training and inspirational material showcasing the process of the EA methodology.

Balancing – Disturbing with Hands, Feet & Ball

This is one of my favorite games I play with players from all ages to develop balancing. To be able to move athletically on the court, you need to have good balance and strong feet, freedom in your ankle mobility, stability in your knees and flexion in the hip. All of...


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