The Founders

Joerik Michiels

Joerik was born and raised in Antwerp, Belgium. Passionate about skills training from a young age, he has spent close to a decade studying and gaining knowledge from a variety of coaches and basketball trainers all over the world.

Olivier Goetgeluck

Olivier has been working as a coach and teacher since 2011, when he co-founded Elite Athletes Olivier researches the dynamics of psycho-physical health in different contexts, looking at how human beings can develop themselves through a myriad of methods.

Those who make EA possible

Tonio Caruso

Communications ManagerĀ 

Mathieu Detiege

Skills Trainer

Tanner Brightman


Jonas de Bruyne

Skills Trainer

Sander Gee


Serch Carriere


Werner Michiels

The Chief

EA Facility

The Facility is the home and laboratory of EA. This is where the EA crew spend a lot of time, in addition to the players we work with. We have made it a space for players to thrive in their training, exploration and individual practice. The Facility is the Mecca for basketball development.

Players from all over the globe, including hundreds of professional players, as well as NBA coaches and staff have stepped foot in our Facility. The energy it expounds is one of hard work, of inspiration to put in time yourself: a place that stimulates one to live up to their innate potential, and bring forth daily the effort required for this potential to flourish.

The Facility consists of a half basketball court, an athletic development gym section, a classroom to study and relax, as well as a physiotherapist studio on the first floor.