How EA Hosting works

Are you interested in bringing “The Process” to your country? EA has travelled all over the world delivering player development camps, coaching clinics and work-outs, taking pride in working with organisations to create unforgettable experiences for players and coaches of all ages.

Every event looks a little bit different and will be tailored to the wants of your organisation. We aim to flexibly fit our time with your organisation to your preferences and needs. Whether you are a youth club, school, sports organisation or national federation, we have something for everyone. To give an example, a common way to host goes by the following recipe:

  • Morning camp from 9am to 11.30am
  • Afternoon camp from 12am to 2.30pm
  • Coaches’ Clinic on one night of the camp

Those who have hosted us before include:

  • Basketball Saskatchewan, Canada
  • GOOD Hoops, Alberta, Canada
  • International Camp, Rosas, Spain
  • Arilica Basket, Peschiera, Italy
  • Beyaz Golge, Kutahya, Turkey
  • Bangkok Basketball Academy, Bangkok,
  • Thailand Zaza Academy, Tbilisi, Georgia
  • Jr. NBA, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Jr. NBA, Bologna, Italy
  • NBA BWB, Serbia, Belgrade
  • Falcon Basket, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Kouvot, Finland
  • Goldhawks Basketball, London, England

If you are interested in learning more about hosting us, then please fill in the form below and we will get back in touch shortly.