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All Access

We are always keen to hear from coaches who would like to visit us. EA All Access is the best way to learn how our program and metholodogy works at Elite Athletes. You will get an inside look into our daily basketball and athletic development activities, such as youth training with the Elite Academy program, pro player workouts and semi private sessions.

During the process, you will collaborate closely with our EA coaches; watching how we work as well as observing all our on-court activities. EA All Access is intended to be a fully-immersive experience – you’ll also see how the EA team interacts off the court.

The program can be completely tailored to areas of interest. In the past, we have had people that have specialised in certain areas of EA, such as basketball skill work, athletic development or movement training.

Online Platform

Our platform is constantly updated with new videos and content of our daily sessions with our youth basketball academy, professional clients, and from our local and international basketball camps, clinics and workshops. Just like the athletes that we work with, our coaches are in constant evolution and constantly learning, trying and developing new concepts and ideas. This process is captured and shared in the videos seen on our platform.

Members of Elite Athletes Online get access to the following content:

  • Individual & small group skill workouts
  • Small-sided games
  • Breakdown videos
  • Movement training
  • Team concepts & decision-making
  • Elite Academy practices
  • Coaching clinics
  • Camp insights
  • PDFs and blogs



Throughout the year we host a number of international guest coaches or lecturers to teach our own group of coaches at Elite Academy and inspire our players. These events are open for all coaches from outside to attend. In the past we have hosted internationally influential teachers such as Mike MacKay, Pete Lonergan, Alessandro Nocera, and many others.

Furthermore we organise a yearly Coaches Reheat serves as a post-season reflection weekend for cross-disciplinary coaches in a small group communal atmosphere, close to nature. We believe our players, our athletes and clients need periods of rest, contemplation and openness for new inspiration – just the same as members of the EA team. This weekend centres around movement and observational practices, presentations on the “soft skills” of coaching and a workbook as take-home inspiration.

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