Learn the intricacies of our method through our coaches platform, skill guide, practice templates and more below.

What we offer coaches:

The Ultimate EA Player Guide

Created first for our Youth Basketball Academy, (Elite Academy Belgium's most unique sports academy) the guide is set out to teach more than Basketball.

Our Favourite 1v1 Games

In this series we will show you 25+ of our favourite small-sided 1v1 games.

Player Workbooks and Webinar

The book is an active workbook that complements the player’s practice by giving suggestions or planting seeds that might lead to knowing themselves better and building positive habits for the long run.⁣

Skill Development Practice Plans

Go behind the scenes of Belgium’s most innovative Basketball Academy. See 15 practice plans and create your own using the template.

The Ultimate Skill Development Guide

For the first time ever, Professional Basketball Skills Trainer Joerik Michiels releases his most comprehensive guide to Skill Development.


Want to learn how we do things on the court? We have created multiple practical resources on teaching skills, small-sided games as well as an all-access online platform.


We are always keen to hear from coaches who would like to visit us. EA All Access is the best way to learn how our program and methodology works at Elite Athletes. You will get an inside look into our daily basketball and athletic development activities, such as youth training with the Elite Academy program, pro player workouts and semi private sessions.


Are you interested in bringing “The Process” to your country? EA has travelled all over the world delivering player development camps, coaching clinics and work-outs, taking pride in working with organisations to create unforgettable experiences for players and coaches of all ages.


Throughout the year we host a number of international guest coaches or lecturers to teach our own group of coaches at Elite Academy and inspire our players. These events are open for all coaches from outside to attend. In the past we have hosted internationally influential teachers such as Mike MacKay, Pete Lonergan, Alessandro Nocera, and many others.

No upcoming events