Unedited Youth Workout with Joerik

Here is an unedited 40 minute workout by Joerik Michiels with U17-21 athletes.

This workout focuses on finishing, footwork, and recovery shooting during an EA Camp.

If you liked this workout as a coach, and want to know about the how and why’s behind our teaching methodology?

The best resources for that is Joerik’s Ultimate Skill Guide

The 198 Page Document is a culmination of over 10 years of research, working with youth athletes, all the way to professional players all over the world. 

Topics within the ultimate skill development guide include:

  • building the basis of the player-coach relationship: TRUST
  • creating a transformational practice environment
  • promoting trying new things and removing fear of failure
  • shooting per age group 
  • loading, layering, and experimentation to enhance creativity

Read all about it here

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