Coach Olivier Speaker at The Embodiment Conference

Our athletic director Olivier Goetgeluck will be speaking at the upcoming Embodiment Conference on how we run our athletic development at Elite Athletes.

You can sign up for the conference for free here.

Here’s more about the topics Olivier will discuss.

Application of Fighting Monkey Practice in Athletic Development 

Fighting Monkey has had a deep influence on me individually through the individual practice library, tools and insights it provides. Beyond the individual level, FM serves as the base frame for my work as the “play-perform” director at our youth basketball academy in Belgium.

Topics I will discuss that might inspire other athletic trainers working in context of youth to professional team or individual sports are:

  • Building the athletic sub-base through FM’s pentacycle: coordination-rhythm-kinetic potential-power exploration-strength
  • Power and strength as extension of sub-coordinative patterns
  • Role of 9Speed Tool training to allow more complex rhythmical sports coordinations through loading and self-corrective feedback
  • Why individual practice needs complement of “athletic movement situations”
  • Off-season/pre-season/in-season periodisations: when there’s time, when there’s little time
  • Athletic lifestyle suggestions beyond technology: fostering physical awareness through FM Zero Form Basics 
  • Behavioural flexiblity tests: how do you cope physically and emotionally with pressures of your sport 
  • “If nothing is wrong, just do the sport” … what changes when kids are playing less
  • Coaches as observors and creators of learning environment rather than “playstation” instructors

Reference to Fighting Monkey Practice: fightingmonkey.net

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