Breathing Sessions


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In these individual online sessions, our director Olivier Goetgeluck offers his presence and experience to help children age 12 to 18 to open up their breathing potential to lower anxiety, improved mental clarity and increased endurance.

With simple instructions and attention for detail, kids will be guided towards more freedom in their own body and thoughts.

These sessions of 40-45 minutes will be organized using Zoom. After signing up you will receive a personal mail from Olivier with a schedule to book your first appointment.

In these times, more and more children are experiencing frequent tensions in their body which can lead to limitations in their breathing apparatus and the experience of anxiety and mental strain.

Our aim is to teach kids tools that help them support their self-regulation for better physical well-being, performance and mental health.

*If you have prior questions and want to contact Olivier personally first for a short intake call on Zoom, contact him at