Twenty Four Seven Membership

Want to get 24/7 access to our Training Facility?

Our Facility is 1/2 basketball court, 1/2 performance gym.

You can now sign up to claim your In-Season memberships spot.

24/7 means that you’ll get a key to the Facility and hop in to get in your training whenever you want.

Which means no more waiting for opening hours and getting in training hours exactly when motivation strikes.

IN Season membership

Get 24/7 access to the EA Facility
Join from September-December

Get a 1 year membership
Use of all our training materials & shooting gun
Optional personal basketball & athletic training

We have all learned the importance of community throughout the past year, members will be surrounded by a community of like-minded athletes who are all working towards their aims. That’s priceless and a key to consistency 

Our Facility is a small private gym so the amount of available spots is extremely limited: we are opening up a first batch of 30 in-season spots NOW.

This will ensure safety for all members and will allow high training quality for all members.


In-Season Membership options

Choose which In-Season Membership option works best for you.

Beyond that, you can choose to top up your membership with private and/or small-group basketball coaching or a personal performance training program (all options can be selected in the form below).

Perfect if you want to spend September to December at our Facility. As a member you can additionally join skill sessions or receive a personal 4-week performance program (+screening). Purchase your 10-session card or program below.

If you are sure that you’ll want to be consistent with your training for the next year, then this is the best option for you.

Want to make use of all our training materials for one month with a 24/7 access pass? Then this is the best option for you.

*All members will be asked to pay €50 warranty for their personal key that will you will receive back when you return it as your membership period expires.


First come, first served.
We are opening a limited 30 in-season spots.