Ilyach Ouattara is our head coach at the Elite Athletes Training Facility.

"Despite playing sports all my life, I was balancing on the edge of obesity at a young age. In 2012 I took the decision to eat healthier and start moving more. Eight years later, my body isn’t just looking better I’m feeling much better as well. During my journey I made some mistakes which could’ve easily been avoided. That’s why I decided to dedicate and educate myself to be able to help others (athletes & non-athletes ) reach their goals."

Ilyach focuses on increasing performance in youth and professional athletes by increasing potential for power, explosivity strength while maintaining and improving joint mobility.

Ilyach offers a unique combination of methods to improve your output in personal and tailored sessions progressing in the direction of your goals.

Both personal and online distance coaching are possible. Contact to learn more.



Elite Athletes