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Elite Europe Camp 2021

Date and Time
  • 25th – 30th July


  • Players with Sleepover: €497  (WAITING LIST)
  • Players  without Sleepover: €379  (LAST SPOTS)
  • Coaches Weekpass €147
  • Sportoase Brasschaat
    Elshoutbaan 17
    2930 Brasschaat
  • More than 45 days before camp: 100%
  • More than 7 days but less than 45 days before camp: 50%
  • Less than 7 days before camp: 0%

✅  Players need to be 12 years old and have 2 years of basketball experience to join this camp. U10 or U12? Check out The Secret Is In The Basics Camp.

Our Elite Europe Camp is a one week camp with or without sleepover accomodation.

Expect a high variety of learning materials on and off the court.

Our training will be game-based with stations on topics of all ‘Super Six’ basketball skills, athletic development and basketball IQ.

The camp will nourish your skill-set, athletic and basketball knowledge while boosting your confidence to become better decision-makers and communicators on the court

We will provide a focused, fun, international learning environment that has attracted players and coaches from all over Europe and beyond 💯

Not sure about sleepover? This year it’s also possible to join our camp without sleepover option 😉

What to expect: 

  • Daily skill “Super Six” basics training stations
  • Shooting specialization work with shooting coach
  • Game-based training to improve decision-making
  • Summer League 5on5 tournament to test your skills
  • Athletic development & injury prevention
  • Personal EA Mindset Workbook
  • Classroom sessions & lectures on healthy habits, mindsculpting, lessons of pro players, etc
  • Campers vs PRO players game

And much more:

  • Updated menu with healthy options for: breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • Morning mindful wake-up session to release tension of the last training day
  • Evening variety of activities: relaxation, 30 minute specific-subject clinics, extra light skill work; etc.
  • International environment with players and coaches from all over Europe
  • Daily Group Activities
  • Swimming pool afternoon
  • Personal picture with professional photographer
Camp pictures

As always our media team will also be at camp the whole week. Find all of the camp pictures and videos of last year in the albums below 📸

Location Pictures

Just like last year’s event we will do all needed to organize the camp compliant to COVID-19 regulations.

Last year we organised 3 different groups (bubbles). The 3 groups stayed in 3 different buildings and each group had a different week planning so they would not interfere with each other. On top of that, each group had their individual cooking and coaching crew.

Want to join without sleepover accomodation? This year we’ve made that possible at a price of 379EUR instead of 497EUR so you can sleep at home and join us again in the morning.

If you have any further questions or concerns about joining our camp, please send them to contact.info@eliteathletes.be and we’ll get in touch we you shortly.



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