Through our online platform we will be continually building up our video database to support basketball coaches and players education. You can expect expect skill development content, breakdowns of elite players, training videos of our basketball academy and pro player workouts.

What content will Elite Athletes Online provide?

Members of Elite Athletes Online will get full access to videos of basketball skill development, breakdowns, full workout tapes and camp videos.

You will learn step by step and through workout examples how we develop our player's basketball skills such as dribbling, ball handling, shooting, post-moves, passing, footwork, finishing, and more.

Further you will learn how we develop athletic qualitites such as coordination, rhythm, physical awareness and perceptional qualities in a wide variety of training environments: both through repetitive and randomized practice.

Lastly you will get a look into the video breakdowns that we share with our players when we practice specific skill-sets seen in the game at the highest level.

Our platform will be constantly updated with new videos and content of our daily sessions with our youth basketball academy, professional clients, at our local and international basketball camps and workshops.

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