During this off-season a continuous basketball & athletic development program and Sunday games will be run from June 4 to August 17 for professional basketball players and from June 26 to July 22 for 16+ players.

To subscribe and read about the full professional players program, go to the sign-up page here: eliteathletes.be/camps/pro-players-season-program

To subscribe and read about the 16+ players program, go to the sign-up page here: eliteathletes.be/camps/season-16-group

For more questions e-mail joerik.michiels@eliteathletes.be




Read below about what other players thought of their off-season participation.

"Really good practices. Good flow of drills so you get something new everyday, but the most important fundamentals get taught everyday. The drills given aren't the most standard drills and are based on Modern Day Basketball. Same could be said about the Strength & Mobility aspect of their program. The atmosphere is one of a kind and everyone was willing to go hard every day." - Senne Geukens

"Only positive things! Small group training and a good structure of warm-up, strength, fundamentals, game situations and mobility. The games on Sunday were great extra's! Thanks to Coach Nick to really accentuate the mobility part for the old guys." - Mitchell Gorremans

"It’s a blessing for me! Even if I’m from Brussels. You combine strength work and mobility. You become a better athlete as well and there’s no better time than Off-Season to do just that." - Thomas Creppy