Head Coach Ilyach Ouattara (give him a follow in his instagram @ilyachouattara) offers the following more individually customized coaching services.

Contact Ilyach at the following e-mail address:

Online Guidance

Online guidance is a way of working with us for those who are unable to train at our facility frequently. You get a custom-made program based on an initial questionnaire including your goals, past injuries and needs. The program will be made taking in consideration your available equipment/space to train and move. 

This training includes 1 session per month to train together, or a Skype call to go over the program. Every week there is a check-up to go over concerns, questions and as a continuous guidance to keep you progressing.

Further, a nutrition guideline is added as an extra within our online service.


  • €150 for one month
  • €420 instead of €450 for three months (paid in full)
  • Extra 1-on-1 sessions for online members can be booked for €30


Personal Coaching

Personal coaching (LIMITED SPOTS) are one-to-one sessions with your coach based on an inital intake conversation to get to know each other and what you want to train for. Personal coaching includes a tailored program that changes every month (or more frequent if necessary), nutrition guidance and a weekly check-up with your coach.


  • €360 for 4 weeks
  • €900 voor 12 weeks
  • €50 for 1 session
  • 10 session card €400