Dear players,

To support your training and development in these tough times we have decided to share some free videos with you on this page.

If you are interested in longer "knowledge" material to develop your basketball intelligence, then you can check out the Free Stuff section (over 2hrs!) as well that we have made on our online coaches platform. You can access it here:

You can always do something!

Trust The Process,

Rhythmic Ball Handling
Link to video:

Daily Shooting Routine
Link to video:

Mid-Range Moves Breakdown Video (12 minutes)
Link to video:

Ultimate Guide to Attacking Close Outs
Link to video:

Balance and Ankle Mobility Game
Link to video:


We hope these videos inspire in keeping up your daily work on your game!
If you want to share your training with us or want feedback, send us a DM on instagram @eliteathletesBE, @joerik or @goetgeluck.