Are you looking for something different?

Welcome to the EA Training Facility.

The Facility is our laboratory.

The Facility is a platform of physical training, performance enhancement and exploration for everyone with a body.

The Facility is where our expanding community comes together to work towards its goals.

On a daily basis you will see youth players of our Elite Academy, working class heroes, students and athletes from different sports train together.


The Facility works as private gym with a limited community that is open 24/7 for its members.

Members get access to goal-oriented programs that have been designed by our experts trainers, coaches, movers and physiotherapists. 

Depending on your aims, you can choose between the following programs: 

  • Sport Performance 
  • Functional Hypertrophy 
  • Conditioning 
  • Fighting Monkey Practice basics
  • Gymnastics Skills (muscle up, ring skills, handstand, etc.)
  • Prehab / Joint Health / Mobility

If you are not sure we will help you to decide which programs fits you best and you can train under coaching supervision and feedback in the PM coaching hours. 

You are here for you to work towards what you want, not for anyone else.

We are here to provide the tools and create the environment, you are responsible to do the work.

Trust the process.

Joining the Facility is only possible if you know a current member or one of us.

Contact the person to know to get you in touch with us for the initial intake test.  



Accessiblity: 24/7.

Coaching and consulting hours where we teach, assist and guide you to develop your Process: from 5PM to 8PM Monday to Friday.

Performance Bootcamp from 10AM to 12PM on Sunday.



At this moment you can become a part of the process at the Facility through the following options that include 24/7 access, attendance of evening coaching hours, and goal-oriented programming. 

Before you become a member you will be asked to complete a personal intake.

Facility Membership

  • 3-day trial through referral of current member: €30

  • €95 monthly 24/7 membership 
  • €950 for 1 year membership
  • €75 monthly membership (only during coaching hours 5PM-8PM)

Returning member? Contact us for pricing, we reward loyalty.



If you'd rather train through individual programming tailored specifically to your needs and goals after an initial intake meeting and screening, then contact and read more about our coaches here:

Ilyach Outtara

Ilyach is specialized in performance training to improve athletic output and functional hypertrophy. He includes specific work on mobility and prehabilitation exercises to diminish individual limitations and asymmetries. He is also a student of massage therapy to offer relaxation sessions after workouts. Read more about Ilyach's coaching options here.

Olivier Goetgeluck

Olivier is one of the founders of EA. He is a personal coach to individuals using movement as a means towards self-knowledge and self-development. To read more about Olivier's work and methods, read more here.

EA Facility

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