In February we will be hosting two workshops with two internationally known coaches who have been very inspirational to the philosophy of our program: Mike MacKay (Canada) and Peter Lonergan (Australia).

Below you find an introduction of these two game-changers, dates and location, what MacKay and Lonergan will be teaching and how to sign-up for their workshops and guest training sessions with our Academy teams.

Mike MacKay Coaching Clinic

"Game-Sense Approach in Skill Development"
Canada Basketball - Women’s Performance Manager
Date: Wednesday 12th February, 3pm - 5pm at the EA Facility

Mike MacKay, the Women’s High Performance Manager for Canada Basketball has spent decades in the game, influencing thousands of coaches over the years with the clinics he has conducted in several countries around the world. Prior to his role as High Performance Manager, Mike was Canada Basketball’s Manager of Coaching Education and Development.
MacKay has arguably been the biggest influencer on the EA program in terms of what and how we coach. We affectionately call Mike "Yoda Master MacKay”, a term we coined from Sefu Bernard on one of his LLab Blogs! Mike introduced us to the game-sense approach, and since then, EA has never looked back. 
A games-sense approach attempts to draw players into the decision-making process and provide input into the learning context. Mike will address key topics such as:
    • Why do we run drills to look better in practice, when in reality these drills don’t transfer to the game?
    • We don’t coach basketball. We coach people who happen to play basketball. Therefore the most important thing is to understand people and how they learn.
    • We do a lot of things in basketball that asks players to memorize something – patterns of offense, patterns of shooting, but the game is not a memorization test. The game is different every time.
    • We don’t want to teach players memorization. We want to teach them concepts.
Watch some of MacKay’s famous clinics on YouTube via the links below that are favourites of the EA fam:
Lessons from the FIBA Basketball World Championships

Peter Lonergan Coaching Clinic

"Games-Approach in the The Art of Shooting"
Basketball Australia - Technical Director
Date: Wednesday 26th February, 3pm - 5pm at the EA Facility

As with MacKay, Lonergan has had a major influence on the EA program. With several of his excellent clinics available online, several members of the EA Team have watched them studiously and applied Peter's concepts to the players we work with here in Belgium.

Lonergan is responsible for the development of coaches across Australia, which along with Canada, is regarded as one of the best countries in the world for coach education and development.  A globally recognised coach, Lonergan was assistant coach for the Australian Opals between 2006 – 2008, helping lead them to win Gold at the 2006 FIBA World Championships and Silver medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. He was also an assistant coach to the WNBL Sydney Uni Flames from 2010-11 until 2011-12. 
Not only can you catch Peter on one of the fantastic Immersion Podcasts, but you can see his some of his clinics below:


EA Facility
Griffinstraat 11,
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Pricing & Package Options

A/ Attend one workshop: €50
B/ Attend both workshops: €90
C/ All-Access Week Pass that includes MacKay's or Lonergan's workshop and following their training sessions with our Elite Academy teams (7 hours of education in total): €150
D/ All-Access Week Pass that includes both MacKay's and Lonergan's workshops and following their training sessions with our Elite Academy teams (14 hours of education in total): €250

To subscribe, follow the subsequent two steps:

1/ Please transfer the amount to the account below with mention of "your name + package option you choose (incl. MacKay and/or Lonergan)":

IBAN: BE94068897888914
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2/ Send the following information to

  • Your full name
  • Club
  • Player / Coaching Position
  • Extra information we need to know
  • Workshop(s) you will attend (MacKay, Lonergan, both)