Monday, July 10, 2017 to Sunday, December 31, 2017


Our online basketball coaching program is an extension of what we do at our basketball camps and personal coaching with athletes.

The goal of the online program is to make available the framework and extensive drills toolbox we use to train and develop youth to pro basketball players.

Through online channels it is now possible to train with us through distance coaching or a mix of personal work and distance follow-up.

What you get when subscribing for this program:

  • Basketball Skill videos based on your aims
  • Communication through e-mail or your personal facebook 'Ask The Coach' group
  • Frequent progressions and variations based on how you evolve 
  • Optional extras: screening moment, in-person work, athletic development guidance to stay injury free and become more athletic

To make us of our services and find out what is the right way to work together, please contact Joerik through e-mail with subject line 'Online Basketball Coaching.'