Monday, April 2, 2018 to Thursday, April 5, 2018
EA Facility


In this camp we share our training tools so you can develop your own toolbox of exercises, drills and techniques based on the principles of our process. 

In a small group setting we break down the essential basketball fundamentals, athletic development qualities and strength and power training that translate to better performance in the sport.

You will learn to further develop your own practice and skill-set with the methods we use with pro players. This way you will have the potential in your own hands to keep on developing indepently as a player after the camp.



Group 1: 9:00 - 12:00: benjamins & pupillen (SOLD OUT)

Group 2: 13:00 tot 16:00: pupillen & miniemen  

Players need to have a minimum of 3 years basketball experience to participate.



The subjects we will cover during the week:

  • Warm-Up & Movement Practice: coordination, reaction, kinetic potential
  • Basketball Skill Training for individual development
  • Power & Strength Training
  • Recovery Methods
  • Classroom Session on 'Building A Personal Practice'



What you get

Every players receives:

  • 3h of training per day
  • 3 coaches sharing their tools
  • Elite Athletes Basketball Jersey 



In case of cancellation of your participation we provide the following refunds, and this because of the costs we have already made:

  • more than 30 days before camp: 100%
  • more than 14 days but less than 30 days before camp: 50%
  • less than 7 days before camp: 0%