Monday, June 26, 2017 to Sunday, August 13, 2017
Elite Athletes Training Facility


During this off-season a continuous basketball & athletic development program will be run from end of June to mid August.

You can subscribe for one week up to 8 weeks.

A maximum of 12 players per week will be allowed into the program every week.

Priority will be given to players who subscribe for the whole off-season period.


What you get

Every week your program will look like this:

  • Basketball Skill Session / Movement Training / Strength Training on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday
  • Optional regenerative mobility class on Wednesday evening
  • Full court games on Sundays
  • Weekly Class-room sessions and personal tasks on game warmups, performance under stress, mental toughness, relaxation, nutrition
  • Bootcamp on Saturday 2x/month

The skill sessions during the week take place from 12:00 until 15:30 with the following timetable:

  1. Daily Warm-Up & Movement Practice: coordination, reaction, kinetic potential
  2. Basketball Skill Training
  3. Power & Strength Training

Sunday will be our game-day from 2pm until 4pm in a soon to be announced full-court gym.

All players will receive an exclusive off-season-members-only "Off-Season Our Season" shirt.


Investment is €150/week when participating 1-3 weeks, €125 when joining for more than 3 weeks. €600 for a full off-season. 

Our goal for this off-season program is to get together a limited group of players who show motivation and dedication to the process we offer. We are foremost aiming at creating an off-season culture that is supportive and offers an approach from all angles to all participating athletes.

Tailored program

Futher tailoring of your off-season program is possible as well through joint-by-joint mobility screening and customized injury prevention program, personal training sessions, massage therapy. Contact us for this through so we can get you the coach for your goal.