Building The Modern Basketball Player

Building The Modern Basketball Player is a workshop we teach to share the framework we use at Elite Athletes to develop what we believe are the essential qualities of the athlete in modern basketball.

We will focus on three aspects:

  • Basketball Skills
  • Athletic Development 
  • Psychology of the Athlete

Each of the subjects will be taught by one of our coaches with the focus of sharing both the applications and exercises we use in training and the theoretical ideas and framework behind our thinking.

Date, Hours & Location

May 20, 2017

Hours: 9AM - 4PM 

EA Facility
Griffinstraat 11,
2170 Merksem

Optionally on May 21 extra time slots can be reserved for personal teaching of coaches on any subject they want to learn more of. More info.


Early Bird (payment received before April 16): €150
After April 17: €175

To subscribe transfer the correct amount to with mention of "workshop + your name" and send your details (name, mobile number, club, function) to

IBAN: BE94068897888914

Elite Athletes Training Facility BVBA
Meistraat 21, bus 31, 2000 Antwerpen

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Workshop Content

Basketball Skills

Joerik Michiels, our head basketball skills teacher will share his knowledge and practice of player development from his experience with kids to pro athletes.

The basketball clinic will have on court demonstrations, film breakdown sessions, classroom sessions to teach every component necessary to design & implement a purposeful skill development program for youth till professional athletes.

The basketball skill part covers footwork, passing skills, ball handling, one on one go-to moves & finishing around the basket.


Athletic Development

The Athletic Development part of the workshop will cover the aspects we believe the modern basketball athlete needs ranging from the development of:

  1. Full-Body Mobility & Joint Coordination
  2. Multi-Direction Reactive Ability
  3. Elastic Kinetic Potential 
  4. Power
  5. Strength

Olivier Goetgeluck will share the tools and principles he uses to expand the first three elements with specific exercises and movement situations. Coaches will go away with a clear repetitive warm-up they can use with their players and a set of movement games they can implement to teach the coordinative and reactive qualities that are lacking in the player(s) we work with.

Nick Goossen will be leading the power and strength segment of the seminar with a no-bullshit approach to develop strong and powerful athletes. He will share what he believes are the basic standards each player should attain, how to coach the basic exercises, programming and periodizing sessions, his off-season vs in-season approach, and last but often most important what to do when there is little time to strength train.


Psychology of the Basketball Player

This section in the workshop will intersect with the two aformentioned segments.

We believe building an athlete without attention to the psychological demands in sports is a limited approach which does not mean that there should be another time frame for it, but that it should blend in practice and part of a complete player development model.

We will share exercises and ideas on how to add in psychological stressors in - and on top of - the drills you are already doing and mental toughness challenges and self-reflection games we use with players to plant the seeds for the resilient athlete.

Our emphasis will be on well-known challenges such as the psychology of free throws, handling criticism, yelling parents, self-talk, etc.