Amazing talk last night here at Movement Camp Thailand by the charismatic and always authentic, heart in the right place human, Stephen Jepson.


Stephen Jepsen
Ido Portal

His message in short is similar to Ido Portal's: stay on the move! In his words: never leave the playground.

Stephen shared an important message with us that he wants us to share with as many people as possible.

He wants us to never stop practicing, experimenting with what our body can do. He wants us to pick back up what we were practicing as kids.

And with us he means YOU, and your family, friends, neighbours,...


Stephen Jepsen
Ido Portal

Specifically, he pointed at the benefit of constantly learning new movements with your right/left hands and feet.

Oh and Stephen lives his talk. As a 74 year old he practices what he preaches every day: joining classes here at camp, playing around on stage.

I too want to die with a healthy brain and I choose to never leave the playground. I hope you do too.

Some gems from his talk:

"We grow new brain cells right until we die."

"Doing new physical stuff with your body is the supercharge way to build new brain cells."

"Walking is considered exercise today. IT USED TO BE A FORM OF TRAVEL [yelled in loud wake-up-call voice]."

"Getting better at new movements does not matter. You improve just by trying."