"Are you training to become flowers or to become trees?
Create a tree practice, not a flower practice."
- Jozef Frucek

Go to Jozef's Fighting Monkey workshops if you feel drawn to it, it's worth it.

Jozef Frucek at EA

Elite Athletes

Getting lots of questions on what to expect, so here are some of the subjects we worked on and discussed:

A lot of partner/contact work, being aware of external objects while getting another task and another, learning anatomy of movement through manipulation of your partner both active and passive, knee preparation work based on what worked for Jozef's own knee issues and research (done for 20 years almost daily!), Jozef's philosophy of movement vs stillness, evolving towards an independent vs dependent student, the unnaturalness of need warmups, flirting with elements from the martial world without going into the disciplines just taking lessons from it..
Lots of subjects covered in which he could go much deeper.


Fighting Monkey Jozef Frucek
Elite Athletes

A couple of my favorite "Jozef-isms"

"Every training or every second training you need to get little injuries."

"When you get old, you get old from your feet. Train as much the strength of your feet as you train upper body."

"You're gonna be special when you are yourself."

"Sometimes see yourself when you are 70."

"If you imagine things in the right way, things happen."

"Main work with athletes is how they cope with psychological trauma/fear/high stress situations."

"Someone who knows, talks easy."

"How do you study YOURSELF? Through activity."