How to work together

  • Personal coaching through movement sessions in our facility
  • 1on 1 park session: a walk and talk to the park close to our place, practice of rhytmical full body coordination with movement and stillness elements, walk back and share experiences 
  • Tailored programming adapted to your reality: based on your needs and goals, training location and honest observation of work-life balance, stress levels, sports, etc... 
  • Athletic Conditioning Class at the EA Facility: explortation of coordination, rhythm, elastic potential and psychohygiene perceptual challenges (1, 2, 34, 5)
  • Distance/online coaching towards a personalized movement practice: programming recommendations, guidance through e-mail correspondence, skype
  • Weekend "ReHeat" in Belgian mountain area to practice stillness, movement and mind exploration tasks in group settings with great food to keep the flame burning
  • Youth movement training in relation to basketball requirements at our camps 
  • Fighting Monkey instructor and research for FM Athletic Development (

If you want to work together or want to know more, send me a message at or call +32474244941.



Olivier Goetgeluck


"Olivier, ik voelde van bij onze eerste ontmoeting een diepgaande interesse in wie ik ben en in het parcours die mij bracht bij mijn essentie en persoonlijke missie: 'De mens bewust maken van zijn/haar verantwoordelijkheid over zijn/haar leven.' Het was alsof je het NV IK principe al jaren kende, en eigenlijk pas je het (on)bewust systematisch toe. Bewegen is een middel geen doel. Een zielsverwantschap was duidelijk; en van daaruit kon je de 'Formats' toepassen als middel en zelfs de ontbrekende dimensie in mijn praktijk als ondernemerscoach. De parallel tussen het lichaam in al haar dimensies, bewegen en ondernemen vanuit de NV IK hebben we tijdens al onze sessies geëxploreerd en uitgediept. Van daaruit groeit er systematisch een uniek ondernemers-coaching concept dat beetje per beetje zijn weg naar de juiste doelgroep vindt. Heel veel dank hiervoor Olivier."
- Jan Adins, Ondernemerscoach



"During my time in Belgium I never thought I would be taught how to do something that I have been doing my entire life.. 'Just breathe,' Olivier  said to me… During the months of January and February I was going through a tough time. It finally hit me that i was in a foreign country alone and this mental frustration showed on the court as well during those months.. That was until I heard the words, 'Just breathe.'  Now I have always been conscious of the benefits of doing particular breathing techniques but I have never seen anything work as fast as the breathing techniques that I did with Olivier Goetgeluck. Vegetative Training (VGT) is the name of the technique. Now I still don’t know all of the science behind it but I do know after my first session I felt amazing and from that day I have been hooked to it. After a few sessions of doing this breathing technique my spirits began to lift along with my level of play. The first three to four weeks working on breathing, in my opinion, lead me to win three MVP's in four weeks. What was most fascinating about my style of play during that time is that I was producing more but I was trying 10 times less. The VGT taught me how to slow my life down on and off of the court and this gave me the ability to make smarter and more conscious decisions throughout my day and throughout the game. The moment I stopped trying to control everything was when I finally had the breakthrough in my game and in myeline that I knew was coming, I just didn’t know when. 

I recommend anyone who wants to elevate their game no matter the sport or just someone who wants to enhance their life experience to work with Olivier Goetgeluck. He is an extremely kind, nonjudgmental and charismatic teacher. He will admit that he doesn’t have all of the answers but it will for sure seem like he does. If you are struggling with trying to keep up to the pace that this world moves, which seems to be moving at 100% every second of the day Olivier will teach you multiple techniques on how to slow down just a little bit. What I love about his teachings is that all we have to do is learn how to breathe properly and major changes our life will start to present themselves.. 

So thank you again Olivier Goetgeluck for teaching a 23 year young adult on how to breathe again."

- Codi Miller, Professional Basketball Player



"I am coming into my 5th month of online training with Olivier Goetgeluck. 5 months ago, I had no concept of what moving well means. While I still enjoyed my training back then, I often felt exhausted, tired, and I was constantly battling with pain and aches, I was always anxious and stressed

I knew I needed to change but I did not know where to start, although I’ve built my habit of “working out” regularly, having a coach provides the structure and the accountability I needed. By chance, I came across Olivier’s postings, I was enlightened by his blog posts, and he seem to exudes a maturity way beyond his age.

I’ve given very careful consideration upon hiring his service, not just because it is an investment, also because I know it will be completely different than what I’m used to. I was so afraid of change to be honest, but I am so glad I took the step.

Olivier has introduced many new concepts to me, far beyond what the mainstream fitness community provides. I used to follow along with the trend and just did what looks “cool”. I could never pictured myself practicing stillness let alone sticking to it, I never felt motivated to do mobility, I never wanted to take a day off and “relax”. I have to admit the shift was slow, and I took my time. Throughout the past couple of months, I’ve certainly given a lot of thought into training for longevity. I can’t quite put my finger on it, I often felt more intellectually challenged, I associate the gains I’ve made are more mental than physical.

I can’t thank you enough Olivier, I am confident and certain that I will continue to implement your teachings as I move forward in my life."

- Simmonette Tan (Online coaching client from Malaysia, training video)


Continuing Education

  • Dragondoor Hardstyle Kettlebell Certificate, Rome 2012
  • Ido Portal, Movement-X, Oslo 2013
  • Martin Rooney, Training For Warriors, EA Facility 2014
  • Bram Swinnen, Strength Training for Sports, EA Facility 2014
  • Dan John, Intervention, Antwerp 2014
  • Ido Portal, Corset, Copenhagen 2014
  • Yuval Ayalon, Beginner & Intermediate Handstands, Haarlem 2014
  • Ido Portal, Online Coaching Student, februari 2014 - december 2014
  • Kit Laughlin & Patrick Kearney, Vipassana Meditation Retreat, Maleisië 2014
  • Ido Portal, Movement Camp Thailand, Phuket 2015
  • Jozef Frucek & Linda Kapetanea, Fighting Monkey Class, PARTS Brussels 2015
  • Tristan Kobayashi, Gymnastics Strength and Mobility, EA Facility 2015
  • Yuval Ayalon, Beginner & Intermediate Handstands, Brussels 2015
  • Jozef Frucek & Lubomir Kadnar, Fighting Monkey: Building Earthquake Architecture To Become A Better Mover, Prague 2015
  • Yuri Marmerstein, Handstand and Bodyweight Strength, EA Facility 2015
  • Philip Chubb, Online Coaching, mei 2015-january 2016
  • Serge Augier, Da Xuan School Cultivation Distance Learning Program (Wai Gong: tendon strength, muscular relaxation and rooting), september 2015-augustus 2016
  • Jozef Frucek & Lubomir Kadnar, Fighting Monkey: Building Earthquake Architecture To Become A Better Mover, Prague 2015
  • Tom Weksler: Zen Acrobatics & Movement Archery, EA Facility 2015
  • Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Speciality (FRCms, Andreo Spina), EA Facility 2015
  • Yuval Ayalon, Beginner & Intermediate Handstands, EA Facility 2015
  • Fighting Monkey 5-day Intensive with Jozef Frucek & Linda Kapetanea, Athens 2016
  • Steve Maxwell Bodyweight Training Workshop, EA Facility 2016
  • Fighting Monkey "Teaching Teachers", Kalamata 2016
  • Re-Patterning The Human Body (Craigh Mallet & Emmet Louis), Berlin 2016
  • Fighting Monkey 5-day Intensive with Jozef Frucek & Linda Kapetanea, Kalamata 2016
  • Fighting Monkey "Teaching Teachers", Athens 2016
  • Fighting Monkey, Anatomy Of Events, Antwerp 2017
  • Fighting Monkey, Open Workshop, Berlin 2017