How do we work together?

Contact me to set up an intake moment where we talk about your personal goals, your lifestyle, training frequency and past injuries.
We use the intake moment to perform a mobility screening and strength test. Afterwards we analyze your body from head to toe and indicate areas where we have to work on.

Based on your lifestyle, training frequency and the results of the screening your program will be tailored to fit your needs. Daily, weekly appointments are made to fit your schedule. Every three to four weeks we analyze your progression and based on that, we alter the program to efficiently attain your personal goals.

If you're interested in achieving goals you've never thought would be possible, e-mail me at


Contact me to set up an intake moment where we talk about your personal goals, your lifestyle, training frequency and past injuries.
We use the intake moment to perform a mobility screening and strength test. Afterwards we analyze your body from head to toe and indicate areas where we have to work on.

Based on your lifestyle, your program is made and handed to you. You can perform the program in our EAFacility or at a gym close to your home. You can always contact me with questions regarding your program.

If you're interested in working out with a clear purpose, e-mail me at


Is our Facility too far away? Contact me to have the same EAFACILITY experience in your area at and share your personal goals with me.


I'm fascinated by the sedentary deskjob life and how it slowly kills and drains the human body without anyone noticing it. That's why I'm making it my personal crusade to tour different companies and raise awareness about something the modern society calls 'normal' but shouldn't be.

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If you're interested in such a visit to your company, e-mail me at


Interested in losing bodyfat, strengthening the basics and sharing some laughs in a great work-out atmosphere? Come join my class at the EAFaciity every Wednesday at 8PM and Sunday at 11AM. First one is on the house ;-)

Shoot me an e-mail if you'd like to come at

"Every session is different and during every session you feel the progress you have made.
The enthousiasm and creativity Nick, the effectiveness of the program and the great people are just three of many reasons to come back each time!"

- Pieter & Celie, longtime EA cliënts


Every once in a while, your body should be tested to its physical limits. Over the years I garnered a hate-love relationship with these type of workouts. I love to use big movements which are easy to perform so the novice lifter can join in too. Expect a great work-out atmosphere and a heart that pounds through your chest. Great for Teambuilding for your sports team, company or other groups.

If your team is interested, don't hesitate to e-mail me at



Elite Athletes


Jasper Sols, K.S.M.K. Deinze, Pro Football Player:

"Om in het tussenseizoen aan functionele kracht bij te winnen heb ik met Nick 8 weken lang samen gewerkt. Wat ik door de hulp van Nick wist te beriken was veel meer dan dat! Ik zag niet alleen mijn vetpercentage zakken van 8 naar 6,5% en mijn spiermassa met 2kg toenemen, ook steeg mijn bewustwording van hoe mijn lichaam op een juiste manier in te zetten. 

De beperkingen in mijn bewegingen werden na een professonele screening stelselmatig weggewerkt door een variëteit aan specifieke, persoonsgerichte oefeningen waarbij Nick mij steeds op een positieve manier wist te triggeren. Dit zorgde ervoor dat ik niet alleen op fysiek, maar ook op mentaal vlak enorme staooeb virwaarts wist te zetten. Daarnaast stond hij mij ook bij met excellene voedingstips en is hij steefds bereid om extra vragen vanuit zijn persoonlijke expertise te beantwoorden. 

Nick is energiek, toegewijd, enthousiast en een echte bron van inspiratie. Een topper in zijn vak!"

Raf Van den Heuvel, Het Natuurhuis, Company Owner:

"Gevarieerde programma’s met de belangrijkste oefeningen in allerlei variaties. Progressie gebeurt snel en zichtbaar. Ik heb geleerd bij Nick dat met het juiste schema en volharding er veel te bereiken is. Ik wil met veel plezier hier nog een tijdje met doorgaan."

Thomas Creppy, Willebroek Kangoeroes, Pro Basketball Player:

"It’s a blessing for me! Even if I’m from Brussels. You combine strength work and mobility. You become a better athlete as well and there’s no better time than Off-Season to do just that."

Jimmy Geudens, Thomas More University, Lector:

“Improving mobility and insight into your own moving capabilities. A push in the back for long term health and active moving. This has to be the vision of Coach Nick G. The expert content and driven approach are crystal clear in the weekly Mobility classes. This class offers the necessary new exercises and progressions/regressions of the already known movements. Focussing an hour on a body’s segment is a way of escaping these modern, busy times. The training has an added impact on the mind as well as the body. After a couple of months I’m experiencing a rise in mobility, elasticity and plasticity. The fact that I travel almost 100km to follow this class is enough evidence that I believe in the approach and vision of Nick."

Ismael Bako, Antwerp Giants, Pro Basketball Player
Sander Gee, Graphic Designer
Manou Muimba, Pro Football Player
Kris Schoeters, HEAT Events, Owner
Sam Hofman, U20 Belgian National Team, Basketball Player
Lukas Van den Bogaert, U20 Belgian National Team, Basketball Player
Domien Loubry, Brussels, Pro Basketball Player
Marjolein Boelaert, Student
Jonas Foerts, Brussels, Pro Basketball Player
Codi Tyree Miller-McIntyre, Parma Basket, Pro Basketball Player
Armani Cotton, Pro Basketball Player
Ibe Vermeulen, KFC Turnhout, Pro Football Player
Gianni Vercammen, Belgian National Team, Rugby Player
Cedric De Decker, BC Oostende, Basketball Player
Robbe Van den Broeck, Kontich, Football Player
Oskar Eryatmaz, Basketball Player
Brecht Laleman, KFC Mandel United, Goalkeeper

•    M. Rooney, Training For Warriors, EA Facility 2014
•    B. Swinnen, Strength Training for Sports, EA Facility 2014
•    T. Kobayashi, Gymnastics Strength and Mobility, EA Facility 2015
•    Y. Marmerstein, Handstand & Bodyweight Strength, EA Facility 2015
•    J.Frucek & L.Kadnar, Fighting Monkey, EAFacility 2015
•    A.Spina & D.Nielsen, Certified F.R.C. Seminar, EAFacility 2015
•    Yuval Avalon, Beginner's Handstand Workshop, EAFacility 2015
•    Steve Maxwell, Mobility Conditioning Workshop, EAFacility 2016
•    Dan John, Easy Strength, Get Together Convention, Amsterdam 2017
•    Matthew Truscott, Adult Programming, Get Together Convention, Amsterdam 2017
•    Kevin Carr, Movement As Medicine, Get Together Convention, Amsterdam 2017
•    Derrick Price, Assessment and Correctve Exercises, Get Together Convention, Amsterdam 2017
•    J. Frucek & L.Kadnar, Fighting Monkey, EAFacility 2017
​•    C.Poliquin, Relative Strength Programming, Poliquin Courses 2017

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me at


Nick Goossen training
Elite Athletes