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My interest in Strength Training grew from a series of injuries during my young basketball career. I realized Strength Training is an integral part of modern sports and an indispensable supplement to our current sedentary way of life. Using bad experiences with injury to prevent them with young through old clients gives me the most satisfaction on the “job”. You can say that “the obstacle becomes the way”.

Integrating Movement Culture into my own training has helped me overcome certain injuries and have introduced me to other ways of training. However, pumping heavy iron and lifting big weights are still the most efficiënt way to get strength goals. If you're interested in getting strong, looking big and moving explosive, you should hit me up at nick.goossen@eliteathletes.be

Also, I'm obsessed by the NBA :-)


Elite Athletes

•    M. Rooney, Training For Warriors, EA Facility 2014
•    B. Swinnen, Strength Training for Sports, EA Facility 2014
•    T. Kobayashi, Gymnastics Strength and Mobility, EA Facility 2015
•    Y. Marmerstein, Handstand & Bodyweight Strength, EA Facility 2015
•    J.Frucek & L.Kadnar, Fighting Monkey, EAFacility 2015
•    A.Spina & D.Nielsen, Certified F.R.C. Seminar, EAFacility 2015
•    Yuval Avalon, Beginner's Handstand Workshop, EAFacility 2015
•    Steve Maxwell, Mobility Conditioning Workshop, EAFacility 2016


If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me at nick.goossen@eliteathletes.be


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Elite Athletes