On teachers vs coaches:
Team EA "mission statement"

We believe in teaching and treating our members - whether it's at our basketball camps or our facility - as humans, not clients.

In this way our members - the 'Humans of EA' - learn about our approach in a general and specific way - and therefore we won't have to constantly tell them to do it like this or like that. We want everyone who works with us to become self-sufficient, self-disciplined - just the way you would raise your kids.

It's a more intense practice in the initial phases of the relationship but it's worth it in the long run. We believe that one of the goals of a good teacher in the end is to make himself unnecessary. We won't be around forever anyway, literally. To teach people the tools to develop their own practice, we don't want to be the person that will just give them exercises/fish. Any trainer can give exercises, not everyone can present principles.

We want to teach the 'Humans at EA' the right principles, logical progressions, suggest the right tools for the job - whatever they want to achieve. So they can get to work.Of course, if we as teachers never stop being the student ourselves we will never run out of teaching material and the teaching will go on until the moment we die. Maybe that's where the continuity of a real teachers lies, deep down: a continual curiosity to learn, personally process, experiment - and then, teach.