Want to work personally with us? 

One of our main goals is helping people build their own practice based on their reality.

Everyone has their own tastes, needs and goals - so the better you know yourself, the more individualized your practice should become.

Below are some of the options we work with right now, but don't hold back with your questions. Just contact one of us with what you're looking for and we'll figure out together what's best for you. 

Online Coaching

If you want to train under the method we use at the EA Facility, but cannot get to our location, we can can guide you to your goals through online coaching with clear descriptions, videos and frequent follow-up through e-mail, facebook or whatsapp. 

Right now our coaches offer the following programs:

Contact us to get started with online coaching.

Online Basketball Coaching

Our online basketball coaching program is an extension of what we do at our basketball camps and personal coaching with athletes. The goal of the online program is to make available the framework and extensive drills toolbox we use to train and develop youth to pro basketball players. Click here to read more.

Personal Coaching

Hands-on coaching time with one of our teachers to help guide you towards your goals. Contact one of our teachers here to set up a free first appointment. 

Personal Programming

Your own program based on your reality: your needs, your goals. After a full-body screening we will design your first program. Every 3-4 weeks you'll get a new one to stay motivated and keep on progressing. You can train at our facility or at another location. Click here to read more.

At Location

Want us to help you build your own practice? If you're a person who likes the convenience of training at home, the freedom to train wherever you are: in the park, at the beach, local playgrounds, rooftops. Movement isn't location-dependent. You can it anywhere. Contact us if we can help you with this.