If you want to train under the method we use at the EA Facility, but cannot get to our location, we can can guide you to your goals through online coaching.

Online coaching works as following:

You decide yourself what you want to work on and want to be able to do: 

Do you want to improve your performance in your sport? Do you want to master certain movement skills? Get rid of old injuries that are still bothering you? Build muscle?

Whatever you decide is important to work on for you, we will help you. And if you're not sure about what's right for you just ask and we'll help you with realistic goal-setting.

Be sure to read more about our method on the EA Movement Facility page to get an overview of what we can help you with.

What you will get:

  • An individualized monthly program (3-4 week per phase) that focuses on your goals
  • Individualized joint mobility and activation warmup and/or separate focused mobility training
  • A video-look at how we do some of our training with our groups at our facility
  • Constant e-mail/whatsapp support so you can ask questions at all times. Not sure if you're executing a certain movement correctly? Just send us a video of your form and we'll correct you. Or we'll send you one of our private video-library or make one on the spot in our facility.
  • Optionally if you live close to us, you get 1 meeting moment per phase to look over the program with your coach (extra sessions can be made based on our personal training rate). If not, we can have a Skype call to talk about anything you need to know.

If you're interested in online coaching, then send an e-mail to olivier.goetgeluck@eliteathletes.be

Testimonial by Jeroen who has done online coaching for over 2 years with us:

“I’ve always been a sports fanatic: playing basketball for 20 years, mastering in PE, coaching basketball, biking, swimming, running, power training during my basketball days. Now I only ride the bike a lot and I coach basketball. At home I still did push ups and crunches and some KB swings but not intentionally and not at all systematically. So I was thinking about joining a gym again. But due to a lack of time, I never did. But I still wanted to work out, and really get a lot stronger again.
So I asked Olivier some advice on KB routines. He suggested online training. Say what? Online training? Yeah right!? I pay you 50€ and you send me work out? Easy money.
(I was also suffering from a lot of back pain since april 2013. Diagnosed as “ankylosing spondilitis”. Why that is important, you will read later on.)
Since september 19th 2013 I started training under the supervision of Olivier from Elite Athletes. A two month program…
Olivier promised me he could have me work out at home (so no need to go to the gym, you do need some KB’s, a TRX or stuff like that…) and get -a lot- stronger again. The first work out we did at the EA Facility, Olivier explained all of the exercises and wanted to see what I could do. During that first work out at the facility I already got sore. “Rookie Problems!”, Olivier answered.
During the online training period you can mail, text or call Olivier. He gets back to you ASAP and adds videos or pictures to clarify every exercise you don’t understand. Even advice on nutrition is on the menu.
In the beginning Olivier had me doing very basic exercises such as push ups, chin ups, KB swings. And it felt awesome. In november I decided to continue the online training for another six months.
Now after 5 months he still has me doing basic things but also more advanced stuff like a one arm overhead KB squat. You may not know what that is, but trust me you feel that thing working your core.
So I can say my body got a lot stronger -and my wife says better looking- after 5 months. And the back problems, they will never go away, but the pain has gone. And when I feel the pain coming up (not as hard as it used to), I know that by the time the next couple of work outs are over, the pain is gone.
The system Olivier offers is effective. He knows what he can make me do, and he makes sure I can do all the training at home.”

Cliff Tang's Handstand progression-video:

Individualized monthly programs focused on your goals
Joint mobility and activation warmup
Constant e-mail/whatsapp support
One physical or Skype meetup
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