MetCon's are for those who like to feel alive. Heart pounding, sweaty clothes and an euphoric feeling afterwards!

What to expect?

  • Joint by joint warmup
    We scan the body in its current state. We go through every range of motion your joint can go just to see how you’re feeling today. We use the Functional Range System by Dr. Andreo Spina to make sure the human body doesn’t lose all its capabilities. When something doesn’t feel right during the warm-up there should be communication towards the current coach. From head to toe, nothing gets overlooked to prepare your body for some high intensity training.
  • Human movements as prehab
    If your body has to go into high intensity training mode, you have to be sure you don’t pull anything. That’s why we make sure your body goes through extreme ranges at different speeds so there won’t be any surprises during the MetCon Class. Our mission is to improve the body not harm the body.
  • Activation through partner games
    The body has to be in FIGHT MODE before we start the MetCon Class. Here we use situations that create interaction between our movers so that they get to know each other before the sweating really starts. We use different games that provide enough diversity to keep the mind guessing and adapting. We strongly believe that our bodies need different impulses to stay sharp and fresh. Expect new games throughout the year as we keep learning/creating/trying/inventing/…
  • Interval training
    This is what MetCon is all about. An interval circuit explained by the coach that differs every Sunday or go for a certain goal during the weekly sessions. Expect a full body training. We make sure every angle of your movement capabilities gets hit! Hip hinge, squat movement, horizontal pushing & pulling, vertical pushing & pulling, ab training, anti-rotation, locomotion, footwork, sprints, time under tension, etc. No complex movements here, we use all the basics and pour those ingrediënts together in an intense climate so there won’t be any danger for injuries, just lots of sweat!



We advise our members to first try the movement classes before throwing themselves into these MetCon classes. You have to be able to walk before you run too! Get a solid base and then try the MetCon classes!

Our weekly session is on Tuesday at 18:00. Every month another type of training gets done based on scientific research.


This month it’s “Targeted Fat Mobilization”

  • By redirecting blood flow to a fatty area and then contracting the muscles adjacent to that area, you can induce “spot lipolysis”
  • The right training strategy can shift calorie burning toward localized areas of fat storage.
    !!! This is not for people trying to lose lots of fat, this is for people with that little side fat, those hard resistant fat deposits.

Example: Heavy weightlifters are much more defined in the lower body than the upper body simply because they focus on their lower body. It’s not exactly rocket science.

Blood flow is a necessary thing for fat extraction!
Simply increase heart rate for an increase of blood flow and then start to heavily contract the muscle so the adjacent body fat start to break down more.


The Plan

We hit the TARGET hard! for 60 seconds
Conditioning exercise 100% effort
We hit the TARGET again! in a different exercise for 60 seconds
Conditioning exercise 100% effort

If you like what you're reading be sure to check this out on Tuesday at 18:00.


If you’re interested in personal coaching/programming for your own specific needs and goals, that’s possible as well. Send us an e-mail at or directly contact one of our coaches you want to work with and we will get in touch.