Are you looking for something different?

Welcome to the EA Training Facility.

The Facility is our laboratory.

The Facility is a platform of physical training, performance enhancement and exploration for everyone with a body.

The Facility is where our expanding community comes together to work towards its goals.

On a daily basis you will see youth players of our Elite Academy, working class heroes, retired rockstars and athletes from different sports train together.


The Facility works as a small private gym. We aim to keep the amount of our members low and the quality of our coaching high.

You can train under our coaching guidance or choose to use the unique place we have built with all its tools as your own hide-out playground.

You are here for you to work towards what you want.

We are here to provide the tools, the coaching, and to create a unique environment in which you stay motivated to achieve what inspires you.

Trust the process.

To plan free 3-day test-period, mail us at



Our Facility opens from 4PM and closes at 8PM for all members from Monday to Friday and 10AM to 12PM on Sunday.

Our weekly schedule and classes will be communicated through our members Facebook group.



Youn can become a part of the process at the Facility through the following options: 

  • Membership for adults: €75 per month (12 month membership)
  • Membership for students: €45 per month (12 month membership)
  • One time per week: €40 per month (12 month membership)
  • 10 session card €125
  • 1 session €20 
  • 12 months paid upfront in cash: €650 adults / €500 Students

*Additional insurance cost of €30 on first subscription


EA Facility

Griffinstraat 11, 2170 Merksem

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