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If you are reading this, you are probably interested in joining our facility. 

Getting people to be 'amazing at the basics.'

Guiding you to a pain-free, stronger, more mobile and better coordinated body.

The average skill level of our members is something we're really proud of

- Women doing multiple chin ups
- Guys lifting heavy weights with great form
- Kids working independently 
- Senior clients showing off their mobility
- Hernia patients deadlifting their own bodyweight
- Etc...


The strength of our community elevates every member of our facility

- deskjob warriors train together with pro athletes
- busy entrepreneurs coaching young adults
- kids with their parents
- ...

Everyone is welcome and that's the exact culture we've tried to create from the beginning. 


Is it Crossfit?
NO, Crossfit is a sport that focuses on movement capacity: beating records, training against time constraints, training against each other.

What is it then?
Our goal is movement quality. We suggest you train for yourself, on your own tempo, with partners not against them, using our methods and knowledge as a tool to improve your athletic performance.

We admit:

We're not easy to define...
We are always changing...
Our process is always being refined... 




Join our community and get access to all of our group classes and activities:

  • ADULT €65 per month (unlimited access) 12 month membership
  • STUDENT €40 per month (unlimited access) 12 month membership
  • NO TIME €30 per month (1x/week) 12 month membership
  • 10 SESSION CARD €125
  • 1 SESSION €15 / THE LAB €25 (2hr session)
  • 1 YEAR €500 Adults / €400 Students



- Bring the first month of your membership cash plus €30 entry cost (insurance and administrative costs)

- Bring your cellphone and bankcard to complete your pre-authorized automatic withdrawal in our Facility*

If you want to pay cash, please bring the correct amount on your first session


If you want to pay through bank transfer, please deposit the correct amount on the following account, with mention of what you pay for (for example "10-session card":

IBAN: BE94068897888914


Elite Athletes Training Facility BVBA

Meistraat 21, bus 31, 2000 Antwerpen

If you want to pay through invoice, please contact us.

*Memberships can be canceled or temporarily frozen when communicated one month in advance, if not communicated - no refunds.

Your first week is on the house! Click here to request your free test week at our facility.

Send us an e-mail to join the EA Facility.



It can be a little bit overwhelming what goes on in the EA Facility that's why we suggest to give us a follow on our instagram @eafacility to get a frequent inside look of everything that goes on at our place.


In our coached movement classes we train a wide set of qualities we think are important for you. Here's the structure you can expect:
- Joint mobility warmup
- Every-changing movement situations


a buffet-version of everything we have to offer in our Facility:
- Strength
- Skill
- Mobility
- Prehab

This class is great to build a mobile and strong body that gives you the option to explore anything you'd like to do or try physically. A great introduction to the contents of the more specific classes we offer and the most popular way of training at EA.

Follow us on instagram (@eafacility) to get a sneak peek of how our community is training.


You are free to train/play/hang around in the facility during these hours and our coaches will be available to answer the questions you have.


Every week we offer a Mobility Class where we go deep into improving useable mobility and control in the joints and decrease restrictions. Classes are always guided by one of our coaches who will do their absolute best to adapt the movement progressions and class content to your body requirements and skillset to make safe improvements during the classes.


A friendly and intense group atmosphere where the efforts, grunts and high fives make sure you feel like a hero! A high intensity interval training where we use simpler versions of the movements we practice in the movement classes, but in a more intense setting. The goal here is to get the heart pumping and the metabolism going in a safe way. Click here to read more and what a video of MetCon Class.


A weekly hour where we focus on the upside down world. All basics will be covered, prehab exercises for wrists and shoulders, alignment work and more advanced progressions that will help you to develop your personal handbalancing practice safely and with the support to take this journey.


An experimental practice afternoon where athletic development meets martial arts and embodiment research taught by Olivier Goetgeluck & Mairtin McNamara. Every week something different.

Not sure yet? Try us out for one week by requesting a free test week here.


Cliff Tang is our physiotherapist who's available to manage your injuries using his own way. He makes sure he knows your entire story behind the injury and takes his time to get to know your body. Cliff embodies the KaiZen mentality and keeps on learning new methods to help people. If you're dealing with some kind of pain or injury mail him at 




Want to get hands-on coaching time with one of our coaches to help guide you towards your goals? Contact one of them here to set up a free first appointment. 


Your own program based on your goals and after a full-body screening that you can practice at our facility or at home. Click here to read more.


If you want to train under the method we use at the EA Facility, but cannot get to our location, we can can guide you to your goals through online coaching. Click here to read more.

EA Facility

Griffinstraat 11, 2170 Merksem

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