Tuesday, June 26, 2018 to Sunday, July 22, 2018
Rode Loop

During this off-season a one month basketball & athletic development program will be run for basketball players aged 16 and older from June 26 to July 22.

The sessions will be held at Rode Loop on Tuesday, Thursday and Sundays on the following dates:

Tuesday 26/06 : 19u00 - 20u30
Thursday 28/06: 19u00 - 20u30
Sunday 01/07: 14u00 - 16u00

Tuesday 03/07: 19u00 - 20u30
Thursday 05/07: 19u00 - 20u30
Sunday 08/07: 14u00 - 16u00

Tuesday 10/07: 19u00 - 20u30
Thursday 12/07: 19u00 - 20u30
Sunday 15/07: 14u00-16u00

Tuesday 17/07: 19u00 - 20u30
Thursday 19/07: 19u00 - 20u30
Sunday: 22/07: 14u00 - 16u00

What you get

Every week your program will look like this:

  • Basketball Skill Session 
  • Full court games on Sundays at Rode Loop
  • "Off-Season. Our-Season. '18" shirt


The basketball skill sessions during the week take place from 19u-20u30 with the following structure where we will focus on one topic per day.

Sunday will be our game-day from 2pm until 4pm at Rode Loop starting at 1st of July.


Price investment for off-season participation:

  • €30 per individual session
  • €50 per week
  • €180 for the whole month

To subscribe e-mail joerik.michiels@eliteathletes.be with the weeks/dates you want to join.